Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Money Money Money!!

Everyday the 4 year old comes home with his agenda (keeps track of his behavior, any notes the teacher wants to send home, etc.) and it always has at least ONE note in it. Most of these notes are about events coming up and about how much money they want us to donate to this or for that. For the upcoming fall festival, they are selling arm bands! What happened to the hokey games and candy for the kids?

School pictures are coming up this week and I spent entirely too much on a shirt for him. Hubby saw the charge online and asked, "Did you only buy 1 thing in that store?" I was and really am embarrassed for buying it. He will be able to wear the shirt all winter and probably even next year. *fingers crossed* When I was growing up, we always got new clothes for picture day. At least the picture package is reasonable... like we need anymore photos of this kid. We just had professional photos done 2 months ago. BUT, I will never have school photos of him at Pre-K, if I don't buy these.

This weekend, we are going to the county fair! My mom is bringing my nephew up and we will all go together. Buddy has a blast every year and he went for the first time when he was BuddyRo's age. It's a big event in our town every year and the corn dogs are the talk of the town!

Happy 5 months BuddyRo!!


Holly said...

I'm going home this weekend for my mom's birthday. The big JSL Sale is always on her birthday weekend and now it has become tradition to go!

Have fun at the fair!!

Stefani said...

I know, I paid full price one year for a Tommy Hilfiger sweater for Jag for photos. He was able to wear it the rest of the season and a little of the next fall/winter, and I've packed it away incase we ever have another boy - I'm determined to get my money's worth! LOL!

And I bought the pre-k pictures too. :-)

Have fun this weekend!

Monika said...

Hey Holly, TAG!!! you're it! =P