Wednesday, January 30, 2008


In the past few month, I have been lazy. Lazy with what I am eating and with what I am doing when I get home. I was very productive when we got home last night (a load of clothes and 2 days worth of bottles made), but then I got online for 2 hours while watching TV.... not so productive.

Last night, while trying to go to bed, I decided that I need to stop drinking soda all together. It's bad for you and has no nutritional value at all. I also decided I need to take a break from MySpace and the online message board that I'm an admin. for. I told Buddy last night that we are going to go a week without TV at night. I will watch the news in the morning, but that's it. He said he was OK with it, but we will see if he's "OK" today :-)

I'm sending off my transcript requests today to finish up my application for school. I have started this process before with other schools, but I HAVE to do this, this time.

Oh! Last night, while online for those 2 hours, I did find some sermons to download. I'm not sure when I will listen, but I'm sure they will be good.

Forgot to add: I WILL be checking my Gmail because I have some events coming up that require email (church, college, dinner with friends), so if you have my email address, email me :-)


Musical Mommy said...

I TOTALLY feel ya my friend!! I'll miss you while you're gone! :)


Windy said...

We will miss you Holly, but I totally get it! =) Love ya!

Sueellen said...

I stopped drinking soda three months ago and feel better for it; now I drink more water. I don't think I watch more than an hour of tv a week so it wouldn't be hard for me to give up BUT giving up the internet! Have a great week!