Sunday, March 30, 2008


We have had a wonderful weekend so far. Yesterday, my sister in law and I took the kiddos to play tennis at the park. The weather was wonderful and we stayed for 2 hours. Last night, we watched Enchanted. It was such a cute story and Buddy liked it too. Hubby is the only one that went to church today. Buddy has been coughing like crazy and Buddy Ro has had a fever. I decided to just keep them here with me today. After Hubby got home, we watched a little of Dan in Real Life, but I had to start on my Accounting assignment (Ch. 7 and my 100 question midterm)….. yeah, I still haven't started yet. After this post, I will though.

We have to work all next week, but the week after is Spring Break. Hubby and I will work 3 days and then have 2 off. The best part of working is that everyone thinks we have those days off too, so they don't call J I ALWAYS get a lot of work done during those days. I think Hubby and I will probably go see a midday movie on one of our days off and go eat lunch with Buddy at school. He would love that.

Got to run! I want to be finished with these assignments before too late.

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