Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy weekend

Our birthday party marathon starts today at 11 AM. It's at the indoor play place in town. Buddy has had 2 birthday parties of his own there. This is for a little girl that was in his class and she came to his party, so it's only fair for him to go to hers. After that, we go to my niece's 1st birthday party. I hope she gets messy with the cake. My mom says she barely even eats solid foods, so I'm not sure about the cake. She is a baby baby 1 year old. The exact opposite of Buddy Ro.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Callaway with my best friend from elementary school and her kids. I think we are going to have fun!

School starts for us on August 4. It seems like it is so early this year, but I guess it's just because MY baby starts Kindergarten. I'm taking July 31st off to take Buddy school shopping and take advantage of our tax free holidays. Maybe if we go out early enough, we can beat the crowds.


Holly said...

Cherokee starts Aug 4th too. Thanks for reminding me about tax free shopping!

Jenn said...

don't you love that TN & GA Tax-Free weekends are the same too? I'm going shoppin'!

Jenn said...