Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I've always been fascinated with politics and this election year has been no different. "My" candidate, Mike Huckabee, didn't make it, but he probably wasn't the right man for the job anyway.

So, here's my problem. I am a Republican through and through. I could never, ever vote for a Democrat. The Democrats don't vote the way I believe about abortion, taxes, etc. Right now, a lot of people think if you aren't voting for Obama, you are clearly a racist. I'm not voting for Obama because I've never voted Democrat. If Condi Rice or Colin Powell were running on the Republican ticket, they would have my vote 100%. It's not a race thing for me, but for so many, that's what this has become. It's the whole "black/white" thing. It should be a, "what's best for this country" thing. Of course, we think we are the best choice for this county and Obama's supporters think the same about him and they should!

This county is poised for an election that will go down in the history books. Either way, we will either have a black president or a woman vice president. It's all very exciting. I can't wait to see how this will all play out over the next couple of months.

Be an educated voter, visit Sen. Obama's website to see where he stands on the issues. Sen. McCain's website can be found at his here.

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