Friday, January 2, 2009

72* in December

So much fun!

I am finally home from the road trip to Daytona Beach. I had a blast with Cheryl and I enjoyed meeting Stephanie! She is so sweet and her family is just adorable! I tried to bring Jackson home with me :-) It was nice to meet someone that I have gotten to know online over the years, in person. We (Cheryl and I) also got to meet Rhonda on our way to Florida. We stayed in a 1/2 star motel ;-) and that was enough for a whole journal entry on its own. Rhonda has such a sweet spirit and she loves Southern Gospel music too! We went to church with her on Sunday and it was so nice to worship again in a Church of God church... old school CoG!

We didn't have any set plans for our trip and that was nice. We did a lot of driving and found some nice spots to just soak in the beauty of God's creation. Cheryl talked me into Sea World on New Years Eve and it was so much fun! I'm glad she talked me in to it :-) We left there around 9:15 (we stayed about 6 hours) and went to Stephanie's house to ring in the new year!

So, I'm home now... tired and ready for the new year. Bring it on! I feel like God is ready to do some awesome things this year and I just have to get ready for it!!

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Jenn said...

your pictures are spectacular. I mean, you know that, but I thought you could use the affirmation today.