Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've had my braces now for 2 full weeks now. I'm just now starting to eat somewhat regularly now. That may not be such a good thing since we are starting a Biggest Loser type contest at work at the beginning of February. Thank goodness someone else is in charge of all of those numbers and percentages :-)

The braces make me look younger. A check out girl asked if Buddy was my little brother the other day. That was pretty funny.

Buddy has had 3 basketball games and has done so well! He didn't score the first game, but he has scored in every game since (once the 2nd game, twice the 3rd game!). The first and second game, he received the sportsmanship star and last week, he got best offense star! He seems to really be enjoying himself. We have talked about soccer, but we haven't decided anything yet. The fee for soccer and uniform is just $20 more than Upward. I have another week to sign him up... we will see.

It's time for bed! Have a great week :-)

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