Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nice day

So, days like today happen very seldom these days. Hubby went to "geek fest" in Atlanta. He left out around 6:30 this morning and he's still not home. This is what I got accomplished today.

- changed out the sheets on the bed (have I mentioned how hard it is to change bunk bed sheets?)

- washed a load of the boys clothes

- cleaned the living room

- taken the trash off (we really need to look into curbside pickup!)

- taken 2 bags of stuff to the Salvation Army

- picked up Hubby's meds

- filled up my car

- rinsed the car off (the self car wash thingy has gone up .75!)

- baked cookies

- loaded the dishwasher

- grocery shopping

- played with the boys

- printed out my stuff for class tomorrow

At least dinner was easy... the boys wanted cereal! I had a sandwich and chips. I will cook dinner tomorrow night. I was going to tonight, but since Hubby isn't home, what was the point? We will have meatloaf, squash with onions, beans and cornbread. The oldest will swear up and down that he will not eat it and will ask for seconds. He does that with just about everything.

Hubby just walked through the door! Hope he wants to give baths tonight. The boys are filthy from playing outside!

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Maria said...

I hate changing the boys bed! Espeically E's on the top - he keeps so much junk up there it is hard to believe he has room to sleep.

and we are running through baths right now.