Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is Google taking over??

At one time, I really liked Yahoo.

I had a calendar I could share, read news, create my own homepage and set up a website (a pretty bad one with Geocities, but at the time, it was pretty cool).

Now, I am switching everything over to Google. I own a domain (or 2 or 3....), so I don't need Geocities (haven't used it in years anyway) and iGoogle and Calendar looks nice. Hubby and I can share documents with each other too. I just sent him a Dwight bobblehead with the message, "one more day!". LOL

Is there anything that Google doesn't have their hands in? I think the work they do is top notch. This is not an advertisement, but when I find something I like and it works for me, I want to share :-)

Tomorrow and Friday, I will be in half day trainings for the finance system that is taking over at work. I don't know if this is "top notch" yet, but we will see. You have to take a test after every class. What happens if I don't pass (I don't see it happening, but...)? Do they fire me?


Stefani said...

Same here, I'm a big Google fan lately. I even switched my main email over to gmail because I like it so much.

Jenn said...

I heard that the problem with Google taking over the world is that if you use any of their apps then they own the copyright for whatever you create using their services.

Holly said...

I don't have a problem with them owning the copyright to the email I sent to Levens this morning ;-)

I have heard that before too, Jenn. I wonder what they really mean by it?