Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gunky Ears

Such a nice title, huh?

I got a call this morning from my grandparents that Buddy woke up feeling bad and had something coming out of his ear. He had tubes put in back in February, so I was concerned. After a call to the doctor, they wanted to see him. I left work, drove 45 minutes south to meet them halfway. We had lunch and then went to the doctor. One tube has already fallen out and she couldn't tell about the infected ear because it was so bad. We have 2 prescriptions and hopefully he will be all fixed soon. He did get to come back to the office with me and he had his very own clubhouse under my desk. He even taped up his Hockey trading cards up in there. It was pretty funny.

In other news, Mike is going to be on Hannity tonight. I am so disappointed in Dr. Dobson. He had a chance to really put a "good word" in for Huckabee and didn't. He says he would rather not vote for the Republican party if Rudy, Fred or Mitt gets the nomination. He said that Mike could run Third Party... uh, no. Huckabee should be getting the Republican nomination. The End. I am so surprised at how many people have never even heard of him. If Huckabee's name is unfamiliar to you, click on his link. He is the former Governor of Arkansas, believes in the power of fine arts education in schools, Fair Tax and is a Christian.
Check him out and let me know what you think :-)

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Holly said...

How long has he had the tubes? Lou had two sets and the first set both fell out in 6 months or less I think. The second set lasted a bit longer...but at least if the "gunk" is coming out then you should be able to use drops right?