Saturday, October 27, 2007

My boy is funny.

Last night, I showed Buddy the new Auburn hat I bought for him. He said, "You got me a new Georgia hat?" Very funny, little one :-)

While we were out celebrating my FIL's birthday, we ran into some old friends of theirs. The gentleman asked Hubby if we were still living in the same place and Buddy pipes up and says, "Our house didn't move!! It doesn't have arms or legs. It's still in the same place!"

So far on the Saturday morning, we have been building a Plex robot and Buddy said, "this is going to be a girl robot... I drew boobies on it!" What? Why is my 4 year old like that? I then said, "Plex is a girl. He doesn't have those." Buddy then says, "please don't tell my Daddy I put boobies on him!... Please" LOL

When he's building the robot, he's been coloring and drawing pictures for Daddy and I to take to work with us. I already have a Brobee in the office and a few pictures that he has drawn. I love looking at them throughout the day.

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