Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's try it again!

I posted a pretty good entry the other day and Blogger ate it :-(

Anyway, basically all I said was that I have been enjoying Christmas music (all because of Buddy) and I am thankful that I can listen to internet radio all day long. The station is in Orlando, so its pretty funny when I hear their weather reports and its 70* and its 40* here. At least I can think of my friends in the area down there and know they are all wearing shorts while decorating for Christmas.

I am still loving my new camera and I have had several people ask that I do Christmas portraits for them. I also may be doing a wedding early next year! I need to get a an extra flash and I should be all set. I will be doing this all free of charge because I want to build up my portfolio.... who knows where this could take me!

Did I mention on here that I was insanely jealous when Hubby got jury duty a few months ago? Well, I was. I have never had jury duty and complained about it to him. A few weeks later, he walks in singing the Daughtry song that says, "be careful what you wish for....." and hands me my jury summons!!! December 10th (the worst day possible - big mail out that day in the office) is the day I will be sitting, waiting, to see if I am "juror" material. I could be the "rural juror". If you don't watch 30Rock, you won't get that. You should watch... its a good show :-)

Oh and by the way. I miss Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Jenn said...

hahaha. Rural Juror! i just started watching 30 Rock last weekend. i rented the DVD of the first season. it is a REALLY funny show! i can't believe i went this long without watching it. tracy morgan is SO FUNNY.