Monday, November 26, 2007


Buddy and I did go to the park on Saturday and braved the 54* weather ;-) It really wasn't all that bad. I got some good shots and I can't wait to print them to see what they look like. I want to shoot some abstracts to hang in the house, but I probably won't do that until after the first of the year. I like decorating with photography and it's pretty cheap too. Hubby is liking the camera too. He is already looking at new lens and I am coveting a flash. You can really spend a fortune on this stuff.

I think BuddyRo is taking a trip back to the pediatrician today. He is still pulling at his ear and is just miserable. He is such a sweet baby, but for the last couple of days, he has been nothing but whiny! He finished his antibiotics the Monday before Thanksgiving, but I don't know if they really worked. Buddy has his 6 month dental check up today. Hubby took the day off to do that since his dentist is about 45 minutes from here. This will be his last visit there and he will start going to our dentist in town. I'm trying to simplify our lives and moving our doctor's offices to our town was one of those things. I haven't changed my doctor yet, but I will probably be doing that soon.

Well, I need to start getting ready for work and get the kiddos and Hubby up. Have a great week guys!!

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Misty said...

Simon has his first ear infection too. He started antibiotics on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but I don't think they have helped one bit.