Sunday, December 16, 2007

Up to speed....

The cookies didn't turn out good at all. They were missing SOMETHING, I just couldn't figure out what. I've been doing the break and bake cookies and they are good. I didn't bring any home from our church Christmas party last weekend.

Buddy has made us watch every Christmas movie known to man. We have talked him out of watching Polar Express every.single.night.

We are all still coughing our heads off and that's no fun. I just bought us some strong cough medicine today after church, so we will see if it helps.

Our last day of work is Thursday and we will probably get off at noon. Buddy's last day of school is Thursday too.

All of our Christmas shopping is done. Daddy will be getting a few more things from us, so Buddy and I will be shopping on Friday. Early, hopefully :-)

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