Sunday, February 24, 2008

I posted a meme the other day and it didn't post. blah. Forget it.

Anyway, BuddyRo is obsessed with me. He wants to be held constantly. It seems to be worse this weekend. I felt of him this morning and so did the Pastor's wife... he could have a little bit of a fever or he could have just been hot from crying because I put him down. It's hard to decorate a theater when you are holding a child on your hip. Luckily, there are a few of the bigger kids that have taken a liking to him and play with him while I am setting up.

I posted earlier about my laptop and on Friday, Hubby ordered me a new one!! It has a 160 GB harddrive and he says its better than the one he has... his is only a year or 2 old. I can't wait for it to get here. I hate being in the office, when I could be comfortable in the living room in the recliner :-)

I am shooting a wedding next Friday night. Yes, on the Leap Day. Buddy Ro has his shots that morning, so hopefully he will be okay for the wedding. Buddy is the ring bearer and Little Miss (the girl cousin) is the flower girl. Pray for me! I am super nervous. This will be my 3rd wedding, but the 1st with my new camera. I am going to go over one night next week to check out the lighting. It's going to be at the same church we were married in, so I am going to pull out the wedding album to get some ideas of poses.

We moved my office in an hours time on Friday. My PA is still not moved, but after the phone guy comes on Monday she will be. I have an office all to myself! That was the plan all along, but the temp. stayed on for longer than we expected, so we shared a small office space. I will be glad to be free from listening to the same music over and over again. To say I am tired of Kanye is an understatement!

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Windy said...

That's exciting you're shooting a wedding! Post some pics on your Flickr! I love looking at your photos!