Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just maybe….

I will start posting more since I have to always type my homework up in Word J I mean, I have to open up Word anyway…. So why not blog?

It's funny. While I am out and about, I will think about 5 things to blog about, and then I sit down and can't remember one! Oh, wait!

Just remembered.

Should I be concerned by the fact that Hispanics are cooking in the kitchen at the Chinese buffet? To me, that's like going to a Japanese restaurant and a Hispanic guy cooking your food on the Hibachi. Anyway, it was just an observation.

In other news, Buddy will come home tomorrow! I have missed him so much. Saturday we are going to the park to play with the cousins and have a picnic so that should be fun.

My plan is to finish up my assignments for my Management class this week, tonight (I only have to type up 2 Case Applications and take my test) and work on my Accounting assignment and take the midterm all before Sunday. It may take me 3 days to work on this Chapter. I have friends that are accountants and love their job. I just don't understand why ;-)

Have a great weekend guys!


stacey said...

how funny, I didn't even know you were blogging again! glad you are! have a great weekend :)

Jenn said...

Sometimes... we don't either.

And on your observation, it reminds me of the Fried Green Tomato in LG. A southern restaurant run by three Asian families. Dishing out fried chicken and sweet potatoes in mass. It is strange.