Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Posting from Word!

I didn't know Word 2007 had the option of posting to Blogger! How cool. Yeah, I was about to open up a new document to type up my Accounting homework to email to my Professor and I saw it J Another way to take my attention away from my homework. Haha

I really like taking classes online so far. The ONLY set back I have had so far is getting stuck on some of these accounting problems and having to email the Professor with my question. It usually takes him at least 8 hours to get back with me. I normally email the question at night while I am working on the homework and he emails me back sometime during the next day. Right now, I am stuck on the last problem for Chapter 5. It's about FIFO and LIFO, moving averages with the perpetual system. Confused? Yeah, me too. I have to finish up Ch. 6 (hopefully tonight) and then take the Midterm before Buddy comes home on Friday night. There are 100 problems on it… I'm scared. My Management class is way better and I actually understand it. It's not as foreign to me as the accounting terms and equations. We have a paper due in 2 weeks and I am writing on "Workplace Bullying". I have experience, so I figured it would be a good topic to choose.

BuddyRo had a great first Easter and he had fun playing in the grass at Meme and Papa's. It was his first time in the grass and it didn't seem to bother him a bit! We ordered his birthday party supplies last night. It's so cute! I can't wait. I can't believe I am going to have a 1 year old and 5 year old within 2 weeks of each other. They are both getting so big and are just learning so much every day. They are truly a blessing to Hubby and me.

Our 7th wedding anniversary was Monday and we went to eat Japanese after work. BuddyRo went with us and he didn't seem to mind the fire at all. Everyone at the table was commenting about how well behaved he was. He had some rice, chicken and steak. He ate well J Hubby and I have been through a lot in these 7 years, but I wouldn't trade the lessons learned for anything. We have 2 beautiful boys to show for it too!

I guess I should email my Professor this homework. He is very laid back about deadlines and is a work at your own pace kinda guy. That's all well and good, but the fact remains that the final is on May 4, so I have to finish 6 or 7 more chapters before then.

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