Saturday, April 26, 2008

Date Night

Buddy and I went out on a date tonight. We had Mexican food and laughed and joked around. We had so much fun together. After dinner, he had an ice cream cone from Brusters. We came home and played ball for a little while. He is so funny. After playing outside, we came in and both boys got in the bath. BuddyRo really wanted to watch a movie with us, but he was just too tired. Buddy is having a blast watching Harry and the Hendersons.

Tomorrow, I work in the nursery at church and Hubby plays bass. I haven't been to church in a few weeks because of sickness or being out of town, so it will be good to go tomorrow.

I have to be up early to go set up, but I still have 2 homework problems to do and take my quiz. I really want to have this done tonight.

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