Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 years ago......

We were getting ready to go to another doctor's appointment, never guessing that I would go into the hospital that day to have Buddy. I was having contractions and never knew it! It would be 3 years later before I actually knew what a real contraction felt like (a few minutes before going in for my c-section with Buddy Ro!) I was in labor for 2 days with Buddy, but it was so worth it. He has been such a joy. Perfect? NO! But, we are still learning our way and enjoying the journey together as a family.

He will finish up Pre-K on May 30 and start Kindergarten in August. I look at him all the time and say, "I can't believe he's almost 5!"

We will celebrate with family and friends on Saturday at his bowling party. I hope it is nice enough afterwards to go swimming!

PS: I had to go back and correct something. Instead of typing "joy", I originally typed "job". LOL

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Rhonda said...

Hmm...Maybe you meant that he was the job that has brought you joy. :o)