Saturday, May 17, 2008


That's me. Tired!

Today was Buddy's birthday blowout extravaganza for his 5th birthday. He had 7 kids from his class to come (made his day!), plus the Pastor's 2 girls, 2 boys from our old church and the family kids. They had a blast bowling. You can check out my Flickr stream for some photos. It was really a fun party and the kids entertained themselves for the most part. No complaints. However, this big blowout helped me decided that next year, we will have the boys parties together since their birthdays are about 2 weeks apart. We will have big parties on big birthdays (5, 10, etc...). It gets really expensive. Just ask Daddy after today. He didn't complain though because he saw how much fun everyone was having.

Right now, he is sleeping in his Lightning McQueen Garage that Meme and Papa got him.

He "moved in" and hasn't come out except to eat dinner and play with his new Webkinz. I can SO see how that can be addicting! We had a good time playing together.

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Madame Rubies said...

How did I NOT know your blog URL? I added you to my Bloglines. I will see about sending you something of Mom singing. :)