Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home again

So, it seems like someone is sick EVERY Sunday. Last Sunday, we were okay and I'm glad because it was the church's 1 year birthday party.

This Sunday, Buddy is coughing his head off and sticking close by.

All my friends are Vlogging. I may try tonight... not sure how that would turn out. I am going to do a podcast with my friend, Jenn!

Today, I don't have anything fun planned. I do have to find Buddy some long sleeve shirts.... Old Navy and Children's Place, here I come.


Monika said...

I noticed Misty and some others doing the vlog thing... I'm kinda nervous/shy to try that. I don't know... LOL

Misty said...

::Chants:: vlog, vlog, vlog, vlog

I wanna see it!:) I am starting a revolution and that makes me HAPPY!