Friday, November 28, 2008

I guess this is the best place to do this....

A.J., my 11 year old nephew, was burned over 40% of his body with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on Thanksgiving night. He was flown by helicopter to Grady's Burn Center. He will have surgery on Monday morning at 7 AM to begin the skin grafting and will be in a drug induced coma for at least 5 days. After that, he will be there another week or so.... if everything goes well.

Please pray for my family. A.J. is the oldest grand child, so this has been so hard on everyone. It's hard to see him in pain and I think this has been harder on my Mom than it has been on my sister. A.J. has lived with my Mom for the last couple of years and he's like her own son.

No, it shouldn't have happened. It was totally avoidable, but it happened and now, we have to just look forward and get him better.

We will see him again on Sunday and I will go visit every day during the next couple of weeks. Grady is about 10 minutes away from my office.


Monika said...

praying for AJ!!! *hugs*
I bookmarked the webpage, too.

Mimi said...

I will be praying for AJ.