Thursday, February 19, 2009

3 lbs lighter?

I had 2 teeth pulled today. The orthodontist thought the baby teeth should come out so they don't mess up the $6,000 worth of work he has done and will do. I agree with him, but boy does it hurt! The numbness is starting to wear off, but the bleeding has stopped, so that's good. Buddy Ro was walking around saying, "you're bleeeeeeeeeeeeding" and "blooooooooooooody". He has such a sweet little voice.

I weighed when I got home from the dentist and I swear I am 3 lbs. lighter than I was on Monday and let me tell you... my eating has not been that good and my exercise has been even worse. With Buddy Ro being sick, it makes it hard to exercise after getting home in the afternoon. I exercised on Monday morning and I liked doing that, I just can't make myself do it every day. I need to start working on that!! Maybe my teeth weighed that much?? hahaha

I'm waiting on Hubby to get home with my Vicodin. I really didn't think I would need it, but my mouth is starting to hurt pretty bad. At least I will sleep good tonight, right?

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