Saturday, September 8, 2007

I've become one of "those" moms

Before I had kids, I always said I would never be one of "those" moms. You know the ones... they take their kids to the doctor for no reason at all, never let them play outside because of the killer bees, you know the ones.. anyway, I became one of those moms yesterday.

Buddy had this huge, swollen bite behind his ear. It was so big, I called my husband in to look at it. We didn't know if it was a spider bite or just a mosquito bite. I took him to the doctor, paid the $15 copay just to find out it was a mosquito bite. I felt dumb, but better safe than sorry, right?

So, I missed a day of work and he missed a day of school. That makes 2 days for me this week. Not good, but at least I had comp. days to use. I will have to go in at 6 on Monday morning. I like getting to work early because I can get so much more done when I don't have people in the office asking me 8 million questions.

GNO was fun last night. I only bought my dinner! I soooo wanted to buy something at the stores we went into, but I didn't see anything that just screamed, "BUY ME!".


Gem said...

We just did that with Monkey Boy. He had a mosquito bite, actually two, but two days later there was a red ring around them just like a tick bite. Well, here in MI you immediately think Lyme Disease so off to urgent care we went. The dr. was no help, foreign, normally that doesn't bother me, but what does she know about MI bugs? Anyway she says she thinks it's a ringworm and gives me a scrip for ringworm cream. It's NOT ringworm, I saw the bug bite before the ring appeared. Anyway, it ended up going away, but you have to check it out, you know?

Moni said...

Definitely better safe than sorry, you just never know!

Moni said...

oh hehehe yeah it's me, Monika! :) LOL my goddaughter calls me Moni =P