Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend rundown of events

I left town on Friday around 8 AM. I just couldn't wait any longer ;-) I stopped for some Dunkin' Donuts hot chocolate (YUCK!) and a bagel. When I got up the road a little ways, I stopped to vaccum the car out (Jason's car) and get some gas. I didn't stop again until I got into Tennessee and saw the sign that said, "This is the last rest stop for 160 miles". I made it to Madison by 2 PM. C. got there about 2 hours later and M. made it a little after that. It was so great to meet these ladies. I have "known" them forever on the 'net, but to be together in person was so different. C. and I are long lost twins ;-). I just love her. M. has a sweet spirit and it was funny how we all agreed on most things. We had dinner at a mexican place with really loud cover tunes and then headed over to Target (this was my 2nd trip of the day because I had left a set of my clothes at home by mistake). Anyway, we finished up at Target and went back to the room and played on the 'net and talked and went to bed late. I was super tired because I had been up since 4:30 that morning and I lost an hour thanks to being on CST.

Saturday, we all got up, got showers and went out to Starbucks. I think this may have been M.'s first time at a Starbucks?? Anyway, my White Chocolate Mocha was delish and I FINALLY used a gift card a parent sent me ages ago. Our hair/nail appointments started at 9 and we were all finished up by 11:15 and we kinda got lost on the way to the BBQ place, but M. saved the day with her maps and sense of direction. We were the first ones there and then S. came in with little B. and everyone else came in within a few minutes. We had a great time and enjoyed each others company. I think we were there for 3 hours (??) talking and we finally decided to leave and A. and S. went with us to the Opry Mills Mall and had a blast. S. was trying to run people over with her walker and A. was begging to have her picture made with the Captain. I can't believe we got in trouble for taking pictures in Spencers. We didn't let S. go in there with us. We would have really gotten in trouble with her :-) Our day ended with more Starbucks in the mall and before we settled in for the night, we visited Hobby Lobby and Target (again!). We picked up Fazoli's on the way to the hotel and had some yummylishous food.

This morning, we were up and out of the room by 9 (I don't remember) and had some more Starbucks (haha), helped C. put air in her tire in the freezing cold and talked about childbirth (not in that order :-)) It was bittersweet saying goodbye to C. and M., but I just know we will be getting together again soon.

I made really good time on the way home. I was so happy to see my boys. BuddyRo stood for a few seconds for me and smiled the biggest smile when he saw me. Buddy jumped up into my arms and didn't even ask about his prize.

I've already had a nap today, but I am ready to go to bed and get warm. Tomorrow, we will be visiting the new baby that joined our family yesterday! I can't wait. Enjoy your day off tomorrow if you have it off. Remember the sacrifice that Dr. King made to bring civil rights issues to the attention of the Nation and World.


susanmc said...

uh, i have 2 comments here...

1) ash and me went with Y'ALL to opry mills??, scuse me, but WHO was the LEADER????
2) and actually, i didn't go in spencers because it takes me toooo long to understand the sayings on those t-shirts!!

Maria said...

yes it was my first time -- I thought I said that.

Ariza said...

Interesting to know.