Saturday, April 19, 2008


I finished up my 1st management class last Sunday and started the 2nd one on Monday. I really like this one better than the first. My accounting class is still going. I made a 90 on my last quiz and I'm about to start Chapters 9 & 10. Hopefully I can get that homework done this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend..... we have 2 birthday parties today and my sister is having her baby tomorrow. We are going down tonight because she will have him in the morning. It's also an excuse to build up my portfolio with newborn pictures :-)

The 3rd birthday party we were supposed to go to had to be canceled because Mom and Dad are sick. That party will be next Sunday instead. The weekend after that is Buddy Ro's first birthday party, the weekend after that is one of the boy cousin's 11th birthday party and the weekend after that is Buddy's!!

In the middle of all of that is a field trip with Buddy's Pre-K class to the Children's Museum, a 1 year check up, Mother's Day Tea at Buddy's school, Parent Conference and class birthday party. I am tired just thinking about it! Oh and add in class work for 2 classes too.

I need to run. We have to get showers before we have to leave in an hour!

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Jenn said...

Holy Cow... SuperWoman! That's ridiculously busy!!! Congrats on working through your classes!!! Graduation will be here before you know it!!!