Sunday, April 6, 2008


BuddyRo now has some rash that is all over his body. The doctor said it COULD be chicken pox, but he doesn't know... how do you NOT know? Anyway, he also said it could be the antibiotic he was on for the ear infection. Either way, he can't go to daycare until it goes away. Thank goodness Hubby's mom could watch him tomorrow for us. I have the new secretary coming in tomorrow and I have to be there.

Church was pretty cool this morning. I got to sit in with the band (I'm the back up's, back up... LOL) and that was fun.

Buddy blew out his Croc this morning at church somehow. He was going to get a new pair for his birthday anyway, so I went ahead and ordered him these.

And while I was on the website, I decided to get a pair for this summer too :-) I thought these would be appropriate for work.

I have 2 more chapters to read, a test to take on the last lesson, a paper to write and a final exam to take before I am finished with my first management class. I think I can get those first 2 things done tonight. I KNOW I could if I could stay off of the internet :-)

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Jenn said...

Hope the little guy is feeling better!! I cannot wear crocs. They make my feet look like boats. Oars. Clown shoes. But I love when people can wear them, and I didn't know they had Mary Jane ones!! Cute!!