Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting too big for his britches

Have any of you ever heard that expression? Well, if you could look it up to find out what it means, a picture of Buddy would be right there beside it. For now, we have cut out all of the shows he has been watching (Drake & Josh and iCarly) and he is doing a lot of reading J I can't say that it was the shows that have helped his mouth along, but it's a good guess. I will report back within the next few weeks.

Buddy is drawing a picture for the class assistant's birthday tomorrow. He just came in here and said, "I have marker all over me. I'm going to wash it off." I know they are washable, so I'm not freaking or anything. He comes back a few minutes later and says, "THESE MARKERS ARE STRONG!! They won't come off!!". Pray it comes off with a shower.

Random note: Don't go grocery shopping at Walmart at 6 PM. I was getting pretty ticked while waiting in line… especially when Hubby was texting me every 5 seconds telling me how BuddyRo wouldn't stop crying.

Band practice was good last night. I am filling in for Hubby who is playing drums this week. Should be very interesting.

What is the probability of ALL the kids in Buddy's class coming to his birthday party?? There are 20 of them. He keeps getting invites and I hate to let him go to their parties and not invite them to his. We are doing the bowling alley this year, so it should be manageable. We are going to one this weekend at a Karate studio. Fun.

Now, I am off to work on Accounting. My favorite quote from Mr. Magorium's :

Mr. Edward Magorium: I've hired an accountant.
Molly Mahoney: What?
Mr. Edward Magorium: It's a cross between a counter and a mutant.


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Jenn said...

That's hilarious. Ha ha ha ha ha.