Friday, April 4, 2008

Little Inchworm

We always call Buddy on the way home from work. Today, he tells me that he has an inchworm that he found on the slide at his grandparent's house. I asked him the name and he didn't have one, so I suggested "Slidey" (very original, I know). Slidey is now resting comfortably in an orange pill bottle with a small piece of pantyhose keeping him in. ANYWAY, Buddy said that the inchworm would turn into a butterfly and I told him that I didn't think so, but I did have to google it to see what it WOULD turn into. A moth. Buddy was not impressed. I did tell him it's kinda like a butterfly, but not pretty and it will eat our clothes. Shortly after that conversation, he decided he wanted to let Slidey go free.

In other news, I got to have a 2 hour lunch today with co workers! That has never happened in the 2 years of working there. We had a going away lunch for my temp. The new girl will start on Monday.

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