Thursday, December 18, 2008


Tomorrow at noon, I will start my Christmas vacation!! YAY! I have Buddy's party at 1 and a dentist appointment at 3:30. One of my fillings came out and I think the tooth is chipped too. FUN! What a great way to start the break, huh? I'm thankful we have the insurance to cover it though!

This week, we have been exchanging Secret Santa gifts. My department's secretary "got" me and she did a great job! I got a photo frame ornament, a coffee mug that says "DON'T PANIC", and B&BW lotions. We went out for our departmental lunch and our supervisor gave us all very thoughtful gifts. I got a gift card to Wolf Camera! Another girl got a gift card to get her hair done, another one got a subscription to a food magazine. We are like a little family and work has definately gotten better since she has taken over the department. We have a super busy year coming up with some changes, so it should be interesting.

My nephew, A.J., will be home tomorrow from Grady! Thank you Jesus! You can read his story at

After Christmas (the 27th), I am hanging out with Cheryl in Florida thru New Years Day! It should be a lot of fun. We haven't seen each other since January.

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